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The Application of Titanium

Ocean: The coastal power plant, the marine oil extraction equipment, the seawater desalination, the sea chemical industry production, marine aquaculture and so on all widely use the titanium system equipment and the equipment.

Biomedical: titanium was praised as the "bio-metal", it now applies to joints, knee joints, shoulder joints, ribs, active heart valves, the skull bones clip, artificial tooth root, and so on.

Machinery industry: steam turbines, turbine blades, oil drilling equipment and oil pipelines under the sea, and so on.

Application of Titanium: Medical, aerospace, military, petrochemical engineering, metallurgy, electroplating, vacuuming metalling, sports and so on.

Industry: used for corrosion resistance of chemical reactors, titanium electrolytic anode, cathode, air cooled heat exchangers and other equipment for chemical industry.

Aviation: The titanium alloy uses in the engine the air compressor, the fan blade, the plate, the turning vane, the axis, the outer covering, the wing beam, the flap, the spoiler, the engine compartment, the partition board, the landing gear and so on.

                The titanium and the titanium alloy use in making the jet engine and the airplane fuselage.In the rocket, the missile and in the astronavigation industry mainly serves as the pressure vessel, the fuel reservoir, the rocket engine shell, the rocket spray nozzle sleeve, the satellite outer covering, the spaceship cabin and so on.

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