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Foreign Trade Training
Company Activities--Foreign Trade Training for New Comers
    This foreign trade training is for new comers to adapt to the job and improve the capacity.
    This training include ten kinds of skills: team building exercise, letter of credit, international freight, marketing management, etc.
    The content of the training is very comprehensive, we have learned a lot.
    Not only have we learned the skills, but also meet a lot of friends.
    We some may become partners, some also may be competitors in job. But we are good friends in private.
    The most interesting activity is team building exercise.
    Through team work together to complete the task in the gaming, we divergent thinking ability and think out one and another good idea.
    Breaking our usual habits of thinking, we make the problem much simpler in another special way.
    We also have shared our work experience with each other to help deal with problem and improve ability.
    Thanks very much for our teachers and partners during this training!
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