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The Application of other non-ferrous metal products
Tungsten: With a high melting point,high hardness and good thermal and electric conductivity,tungsten is mainly used in powder metallurgical,lighting,electronics,high-temperature furnace,aerospace,chemical and glass ceramics industries for its heat,abrasion and corrosion resistance and chemical stablilty.

Molybdenum: With a high meilting point, high strength, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, molybdenum enhances tensile strength, hardness, weld ability and toughness of its alloys and in stainless steel. It is mainly used in the manufacture of high-temperature furnace materials, semiconductors, sputtering targets and equipment and widely applied to metallurgy, electronics and electrical materials, aviation and aerospace industry and chemical industry,etc...

Tantalum: Rare metal tantalum has good impact strength and toughness,ductility,thermal conductivity,cold-pressing property,heat resistance and excellent chemical stability. It is mainly used to manufacture tantalum capacitors,high-temperature furnace parts,semiconductor,sputtering targets and relative devices,and is also widely applied to electronics,metallurgy,chemical,pharmacy,aerospace and other fields.

Niobium: Niobium is one of the important rare metallic elements with a high melting point,good corrosion resistance and excellent superconducting property.It is widely used in the manufacturing of all kinds of alloy steel,heat-resistant alloys,optical glass,cutting tools,electronic components and superconducting materials.
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