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Tantalum Rod
Tantalum Rod
Product Description:
1)Trade Mark: Ta, Ta2, TaNb3, TaNb20, Ta-10W, Ta-2.5W, RO 5255, RO 5252, RO 5240
           Ro 5255: 90% tantalum, 10% tungsten
                         Ro 5252: 97.5% tantalum, 2.5% tungsten
                         Ro 5240: 60% tantalum, 40% niobium
                         Ro 5200: 99.9% tantalum

2)Specification(mm):Φ (5.0~110) X L

3)Standard:China: GB/T3629, GB/T3630, GB/T14841
                     Others: ASTM B807, ASTM B365 and Other related standards

Rare metal tantalum has good impact strength and toughness, ductility, thermal conductivity, cold-pressing property, heat resistance and excellent chemical stability. It is mainly used to manufacture tantalum capacitors, high-temperature furnace parts, semiconductor, sputtering targets and relative devices, and is also widely applied to electronics, metallurgy, chemical, pharmacy, aerospace and other fields.
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